Monday, August 14, 2006

Today in Science


International HIV/AIDS conference to be held in Toronto this week. BBC, DPA Complete with demonstrators (as usual). UPI

New agent in new class of HIV drug works very well. Reuters, LAT

The rate of HIV infection in the US has not gone down in 15 years. WP

The Gates Foundation wants to see an AIDS vaccine. AP Or other means of prevention (especially for women). BBC, WP, AP, Reuters, LAT

A 4-drug combination of HIV drugs is not superior to the standard 3-drug cocktail. AP, CBC

Early tests of an HIV prevention pill are positive. AP

Philippino volcano may be ready to erupt. Reuters, AP

Pluto may be downgraded from planet. Reuters, BBC, AP, Guardian


3 major car companies have a $1 billion dollar collaboration to make the next-generation hybrid engine (and then put it in %##$^$ing SUVs.) Reuters

MIT program looks to make super-fuel efficient cars. CSM

Wristwatch GPS. NYT

New segways. AP, NYT, Reuters

In light of Federal policies, stem cell research focus shifts from cell therapies to drug therapies. NYT

New bird flu drug? DPA

India declares itself free of bird flu. DPA

The Gates Foundation has to hustle to give away Warren Buffet's money. NYT

Medical advisors suggest performing medical tests on prisoners. NYT

The President of Iran has started a blog. Al Jazeera (Apparently to fill the void of all the blogs his government is censoring. AP)

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