Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today in Science

Number of planets in our solar system may be increased to 12. (Now we will have to come up with new mnemonic devices. Thanks scientists.) AP, CBC, WP, NYT, LAT, BBC


Study finds a direct link between global warming and hurricane intensity. Reuters,

Water shortages will be worldwide in the future. BBC, Reuters

Genetically engineered grass has been found growing wild. NYT

China to begin serious enforcement of its environmental laws. Reuters

Fossil of mean-looking whale ancestor discovered. BBC, Nature

Medicare drug benefit cost to remain the same next year. AP


Boom in heroin from Afghanistan is increasing the spread of HIV. Nature

HIV prevention looks to circumcision. WP

The world is falling short in distributing HIV drugs. NYT

UN official: Bush policy of promoting abstinence is hurting the overall anti-AIDS effort. BBC

New York Mayor Bloomberg donates $125 million to worldwide anti-smoking campaign. AP, Reuters

Skin test for Alzheimer’s disease may be developed. BBC

More people in the world are overweight than are hungry. (Is this good or bad? Seriously, I don’t know.) BBC

AIDS vaccine is needed. Reuters

Pennsylvania is being sued over paperless electronic voting machines. AP

CBS to offer TV shows online. LAT, Reuters

More students are taking the ACT over the SAT. WP, NYT

Report: Dike on Florida’s Lake Okeechobee may fail during a hurricane. NG

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