Friday, August 18, 2006

Today in Science

Federal judge rules that tobacco companies have lied for years about the health risk associated with their products, orders a change. WP, NYT, BBC

Obesity is rapidly increasing in China. BBC, Reuters

UN to give $64 million dollars to help clean up the Lebanese oil spill. NYT, BBC

The ozone layer is slowly repairing itself. Reuters

3 members of a NASA advisory panel quit over cuts to the research science budget. AP


Irish company wants scientists to validate its "free energy" technology. Reuters

The FBI again has a major setback in trying to upgrade its computer system. WP

Apple says there is no forced labor used at one of its Chinese iPod factories. AP, NYT, BBC

Boeing to end in-flight internet service. NYT, Reuters, BBC

2 more bird flu cases found in Indonesia (45th death reported). NYT

Federal judge: Warrantless wire-tapping is unconstitutional, must stop immediately. WP, AP, BBC

Rural Indian village starts its own website. Reuters

China's one child policy is causing men to well outnumber women setting up a problem for the future. Reuters

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