Thursday, August 17, 2006

Today in Science

Unique human brain genes discovered. BBC, AP, Reuters, Guardian,, ScienceNOW

Brain cells may have stem cell-like properties. UPI,

UN to lead effort to clean up Mediterranean oil spill. BBC


Researchers focus on HIV positive "elite controllers" who keep the virus at undetectable levels without treatment. WP, Reuters

WHO: Only 1/4 of HIV infected patients have access to anti-retroviral drugs and it is especially bad for children. AP, NYT, Reuters, UPI

For extensive coverage of this week's International AIDS Conference, see here.

Problems paying for health care are extending to middle and upper class families. AP

Watching TV may act as a natural painkiller for children. (TV, is there anything it can’t do?) BBC

Space shuttle Atlantis to launch on August 27th. Reuters, LAT, BBC


Japan to increase use of biodiesel. Reuters

Sony may have a laptop battery problem similar to Dell's. Reuters, BBC

Singapore is emerging as a world leader in stem cell research. NYT

Disgraced South Korean stem cell scientist returns to his animal cloning work, will not continue human stem cell work. Reuters

Researchers find potential new target for fighting bird flu. AP, Reuters, Nature

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