Sunday, December 10, 2006

Recent Human Evolution

This is really cool:
"Throughout most of human history, the ability to digest lactose, the principal sugar of milk, has been switched off after weaning because there is no further need for the lactase enzyme that breaks the sugar apart. But when cattle were first domesticated 9,000 years ago and people later started to consume their milk as well as their meat, natural selection would have favored anyone with a mutation that kept the lactase gene switched on."
The change may have been as recent as 3,000 years ago. Once again, throw this on the pile of data that supports evolution. (In your face creationism and Intelligent Design!)

Figure it out people, ignoring scientific facts isn't going to help Americans compete.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Today in Science


Today is World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day, AIDSinfo

Risk of progression to AIDS increases without steady anti-retroviral drug treatment. CBC

Experts look to implement new strategies to prevent HIV transmission. WP

Bill Clinton is starting a foundation to provide AIDS drugs to children. BBC

The EU plans to spend 54 billion Euros on science over the next several years. BBC, ScienceNOW

Scientists need to be involved in science debates to keep them from being dominated by minority views. BBC

A single asteroid killed the dinosaurs. Reuters, NG

The White House does not want to release documents concerning the "Plan B" contraceptive. WP

Blocking progesterone may keep breast cancer gene, BRCA1, at bay. WP, Reuters

Bush Administration abstinence-only policy for combating underage pregnancy does not work, contraception does. BBC, Reuters

Steven Hawking says humans need to get out of the solar system to survive. AP, Reuters, BBC

NASA says shuttle redesign can wait until 2008. AP


Monsoons in India have worsened with climate change. Reuters, Nature

LA auto show highlights green cars. CSM

Microsoft releases Vista OS for business. Reuters, BBC

Stem cells may be used to fix back pain. BBC

Hurricane season ends without one hitting the US, thanks to el Nino. AP, Reuters, Nature, NG

Al-Qaeda is making noise about a cyber attack on businesses set for today. AP

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