Thursday, November 30, 2006

Today in Science


South Africa will use Friday's World AIDS Day to launch a new plan to fight HIV/AIDS and answer near universal criticism of their previous "strategy". Reuters

Male circumcision in Africa may hold promise for limiting the spread of the disease. WP

Universal AIDS test needed. Reuters

Review says that scientific journal editors should scrutinize data more before accepting investigators submissions. WP, NYT

Natural anti-inflammatory may be more potent than synthetic drugs, but without side effects. WP

Arby's rules! They are taking the trans-fats out of their fries. WP

Keep drinkin' (red wine that is), you'll live longer (then you can drink more). WP, BBC

NASA sets next shuttle launch for Dec. 7th. WP, Reuters


Personal wind turbines are catching on in Britain. CSM

The world is reacting to climate change even if the politicians are not. WP

Demand for plug-in hybrid cars grows. Reuters

GM is (finally) working on a plug-in hybrid. WP

The EU is fighting over strong CO2 emission cuts. Reuters, BBC

Heat stored in the North Atlantic may exacerbate climate change. Guardian

Price wars: Plasma TV prices keep going down. WP

Face transplant recipient can smile. BBC

Ancient computer examined. BBC, NYT, Reuters,, Nature, NG

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