Saturday, September 16, 2006

This Week in Science

"Bin Laden Trail 'Stone Cold'". WP

Congress panel blames the EPA and New York officials for not protecting workers at Ground Zero. AP, NYT


Another study links stronger hurricanes to global warming. NYT, Reuters, AP, BBC, ScienceNOW

NASA study says greenhouse gas emissions from humans are causing climate change, melting the Arctic. WP, NYT, Reuters, BBC,

Climatologist: We have 10-years to avert climate change disaster. Reuters

Hybrid car marketability tied to high gas prices. Reuters

2006 hottest year on record.

Most recent Neanderthal fossils found. Guardian,, ScienceNOW, Nature, NG

Michigan may require 6th grade girls to receive the cervical cancer vaccine. (Good for them.) AP

Rare earthquake shakes the gulf coast. AP, NG

Commercially bagged, fresh spinach may be harboring pathogenic E. coli. WP, AP, Reuters

The reduction in air travel post-9/11 delayed the flu season. WP, AP, ScienceNOW, NYT

McDonald's spend tiny, tiny amount of money to obesity research so they can say they are fighting it. (Less than $67 per McDonald’s restaurant in the world.) Reuters

Bionic arm. AP, WP

El Nino is back. ScienceNOW

Space shuttle Atlantis (finally) launched on Saturday, no damage seen. WP, NYT, LAT, Reuters, BBC, CSM

Earthlike worlds may not be uncommon. ScienceNOW

Dwarf planet named. Reuters

Extra-solar, low-density planet discovered – largest ever. Reuters, ScienceNOW, NG


South Africa cuts power of AIDS minister (who doesn’t know anything about AIDS. AP, BBC

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