Saturday, September 09, 2006

This Week in Science

The rate of breast cancer in the US may have stopped increasing. WP

Deaths from cancer have fallen. Reuters, LAT

FDA approves implantable artificial heart. WP, AP, NYT, Reuters, LAT

Most 9/11 first responders have lung problems. AP, NYT, CBC, Reuters


Extreme drug-resistant tuberculosis is compounding South Africa's HIV crisis. NYT, BBC, ScienceNOW

Shuttle launch delayed. AP, Reuters, BBC


British scientist says that the Earth's temperature will rise 10 degrees in the next 20 years. WP

"Point of no return" coming on climate change. Guardian, Guardian

Intel will but 10,500 more jobs. Bloomberg, NYT, LAT, BBC

Google to launch new feature: searchable news archive of the last 200 years. BBC

Massive NIH mouse genome knock-out project announced. ScienceNOW

Brain activity seen in unresponsive brain-damaged patients. NYT, AP, BBC, Reuters, WP, LAT, Guardian, Nature

Gene discovered that connects lifespan, cancer, and stem cells. NYT, ScienceNOW

Scientists who produced stem cell lines from single embryonic cells taken to task by Senators for how the work was presented. WP

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