Thursday, September 14, 2006

Today in Science


NASA study says greenhouse gas emissions from humans are causing climate change, melting the Arctic. WP, NYT, Reuters, BBC,

Climatologist: We have 10-years to avert climate change disaster. Reuters

Hybrid car marketability tied to high gas prices. Reuters

Most recent Neanderthal fossils found. Guardian,, ScienceNOW, Nature, NG

Federal grant submission site still doesn’t work with Macs. WP

Smuggled orangutans to head home. Reuters

Marijuana may improve hepatitis C therapy. WP

Michigan may require 6th grade girls to receive the cervical cancer vaccine. (Good for them.) AP

Medicare premiums set to rise next year. WP, NYT

Heart transplant recipient doing fine 28 years later. AP

Senator Clinton wants $1.9 billion to help ground zero workers with health problems. AP

Polio outbreak in India. AP

McDonald’s spend tiny, tiny amount of money to obesity research so they can say they are fighting it. (Less than $67 per McDonald’s restaurant in the world.) Reuters

Spacewalk goes well for Atlantis. WP, NYT, LAT

Bionic arm. AP, WP

ALL Segways to be recalled. AP

More crazy crap from iPod. NYT

New batteries aren’t coming soon. Reuters

El Nino is back. ScienceNOW

Former EPA head may be investigated for post-9/11 conduct. AP

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