Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Today in Science


Another study links stronger hurricanes to global warming. NYT, Reuters, AP, BBC, ScienceNOW

Asian and European countries say they will continue to cut emissions after the Kyoto protocols expire. AP

Warmer winters may be causing an insect boom in Alaska. AP

Climate change may be causing some glaciers to grow larger. NG

Rare earthquake shakes the gulf coast. AP, NG

The reduction in air travel post-9/11 delayed the flu season. WP, AP, ScienceNOW, NYT

Life expectancy related to where a person lives. AP

Cigarette maker disputes finding that nicotine levels in cigarette have risen over the last 10 years. AP

Potential weight-loss supplement from seaweed investigated. BBC

Spacewalk scheduled for today. WP

Russia and China to collaborate on plans for exploration of the moon. AP

Movies are coming to the iPod. WP

HD TiVo. Reuters

Japan puts another satellite into orbit to spy on North Korea. Reuters

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