Monday, January 30, 2006

Still Working This Out

My brother gave me the idea to call this place the "ROBBLOG", which seemed like a good name. Unfortunately, I Googled "ROBBLOG" and got 15,000+ hits. So, I may revise it. Are there too many people on the internet to actually come up with something original? I doubt it. But it's like what they say, "When you are 1 in a million in China, there are still 1,300 people just like you." Eventually, I will write something of substance here, I promise. But for now, I've gotten my Amazon links up and have started the "Suggested Reading" section. I'm going to use this to put up books that I have read, or am currently reading, that I think everyone should read. So, please check them out. Also, if you buy them (or anything) by going to Amazon through my links, I get some kind of kickback. So, you can't beat that. But seriously, if you don't get them through me, get them somewhere.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


This is my first attempt at writing my own blog. I will post more later about myself but, for now, I just want to explain what the function of this blog is to be. I hope to be able to discuss matters relating to: alternative science careers for PhDs, the problems with the science apprenticeship today (graduate student, post-doc, etc.) today. New scientific discoveries - translated into something average people can understand. I have a long-term goal of helping to shape public policy in this country. My interests lie primarily in the following areas: science, health, and education. However, I am bound to cover more topics than just that. Anyhoo, welcome. I'll be adding some new bells and whistles as I go along, so stay tuned.

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